Gina Rodriguez Used N-Word in Scripted Comedy Skit

Gina Rodriguez comfort level with using the n-word is on display in a resurfaced clip — and while it’s a scripted sketch, it supports the notion Gina, and others, feel like she gets a pass. The video which is just now going viral, for obvious…

How to become a Concert Promoter - Step by Step!

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Kim Kardashian’s Being ‘Used’ by Murderer Kevin Cooper, Says Victim’s Mother

Kim Kardashian’s mission to help convicted murderer Kevin Cooper prove he’s innocent is enraging the mother of one of his victims, who says Kim needs to read up on the mountain of evidence that shows Cooper is guilty as sin. Mary Ann Hughes tells…

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Lamar Odom Says He Used Prosthetic Penis to Pass Drug Test at 2004 Olympics

Lamar Odom says he went to great lengths to take the court for USA Basketball at the Olympics … using a prosthetic penis to help him pass a drug test!!! Lamar comes clean about how he was able to pass the test despite smoking weed on the…

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