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Officer Goes Flying Headfirst Trying to Catch Courthouse Escapee

A man convicted of drug possession made a break for it in court, and despite an insane, all-out effort by a deputy to catch him … the guy escaped and is still on the loose. The video’s wild — Nicholas Garrison had just been sentenced Tuesday in…

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US says China trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine as markets slump

US says China trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine as markets slumpChinese hackers are trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research, US authorities said Wednesday, ratcheting up tensions between the superpowers as markets slumped on warnings from the US Federal Reserve that prolonged shutdowns could cause “lasting damage”. Europe, meanwhile, pushed ahead with plans to gradually reopen for summer tourism, even as fears persist of a second wave of infections in the pandemic that has forced more than half of humanity behind closed doors in recent months. With some countries scrambling after a fresh surge in cases and the global death toll exceeding 294,000, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned Wednesday that the virus “may never go away.”

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