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Biden seemingly didn't get a convention polling bump — and his lead is sliding in some swing states

Biden seemingly didn't get a convention polling bump — and his lead is sliding in some swing statesDemocratic presidential nominee Joe Biden shouldn't get too comfortable. It's been a few days since the end of the Democratic National Convention, and as FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver notes, Biden hasn't seen a typical post-DNC bump in his polling numbers. And while he was once handily leading in several states Hillary Clinton surprisingly lost in 2016, those advantages are starting to slip as well.Clinton lost Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in 2016 — three states that were usually seen as reliably Democratic before that election. Even as of late August 2016, Clinton had a clear lead over Trump in those states: 9 points in Michigan, 9.2 in Pennsylvania, and 11.5 in Wisconsin. But while Biden still has leads in those states, just as he did a month ago, those advantages have narrowed to below Clinton's margins.> Swing state polls on August 25th:> > Pennsylvania > • 2016: Hillary +9.2 > • 2020: Biden +5.7> > Michigan > • 2016: Hillary +9.0 > • 2020: Biden +6.7> > Wisconsin > • 2016: Hillary +11.5 > • 2020: Biden +6.5 > > Florida > • 2016: Hillary +2.9 > • 2020: Biden +4.8> > https://t.co/oJFSBQcvK3 https://t.co/7DibWSRCSb> > — Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) August 25, 2020Nationally, Biden still has a wide 8.8 point lead over Trump, according to FiveThirtyEight's polling average — even higher than the 5.7-point lead Clinton had at this point in 2016. But as Clinton herself has recognized, national popular votes don't matter when the Electoral College gets in the way.More stories from theweek.com The NBA strike is the most effective RNC counterprogramming possible That 'famous' Lincoln quote in Lara Trump's RNC speech? He never said it. Biden spokesman likens the Republican National Convention to the Twilight Zone

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Older states grapple with fear, isolation and medical care

Older states grapple with fear, isolation and medical careThis isn’t the way Betsy Steen and her husband wanted to spend their golden years: Hunkered down at home, living with fear and isolation. Steen, 76, and her husband David, 75, both take immuno-suppressant medications, placing them at high risk if they contract the coronavirus. States with older populations carry special worries during the deadly pandemic: Loneliness takes an emotional and physical toll on fragile residents.

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Trump administration asks states to delay releasing unemployment numbers

Trump administration asks states to delay releasing unemployment numbersIn an email Wednesday, the Labor Department told state officials they needed to hold off on releasing the exact number of unemployment claims they are receiving amid the accelerating COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, The New York Times reports. The Times obtained a copy of the email, which says that until the Labor Department releases the total number of national claims next Thursday, state officials should only "provide information using generalities to describe claims levels (very high, large increase)" and "not provide numeric values to the public."The message was written by Gay Gilbert, administrator of the Labor Department's Office of Employment Insurance. She has worked under Republican and Democratic administrations, and there is no indication political appointees asked her to send the request, the Times says. Still, many states were disturbed by the email, and one governor's office said it had asked the state attorney general whether it had to temporarily withhold the numbers.In Washington, where at least 74 people have died from COVID-19, a state official would tell the Times only that they are seeing an "even more dramatic increase this week" after unemployment claims rose 150 percent last week from the week prior. The federal government on Thursday morning reported that 281,000 people applied for unemployment insurance last week, an increase from 211,000 the previous week.More stories from theweek.com Top coronavirus doctor puts head in hands when Trump mentions 'Deep State Department' at briefing America has one of the world's worst coronavirus responses Bloomberg's last FEC filing shows he spent nearly $ 1 billion on his failed presidential run

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