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Joel McHale Says Ken Jeong Is Perfect Podcast Partner in a Pandemic

Joel McHale says his ex-costar, Ken Jeong, has proven to be just the right man for the job — when that job is a podcast about what the hell’s really going on with a pandemic. JMH told us all about “The Darkest Timeline” … the podcast he and Ken…

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Assange's partner reveals they had 2 children and urges bail

Assange's partner reveals they had 2 children and urges bailJulian Assange’s partner revealed Sunday that she had two children with him while he lived inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and she issued a plea for the WikiLeaks founder to be released from prison over fears for his health during the coronavirus pandemic. Assange has been imprisoned at London’s Belmarsh prison since police dragged out of the embassy a year ago. In a video uploaded onto YouTube, Stella Moris said she met Assange in 2011 when she helped out his legal team and that they got together four years later.

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