Ice Cube Furious After ‘Serbian Michael Jordan’ Forced Out of BIG3

Do-it-yourself Model and Entertainment Release

The man they call the “Serbian Michael Jordan” has essentially been BLOCKED by the International Basketball Federation from playing the BIG3 — and Ice Cube is FURIOUS!  In fact, Cube is calling officials “chicken sh*t” for standing in the way…

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Michael Avenatti Allegedly Stole Millions from Mentally Ill Paraplegic

9:11 AM — Avenatti vehemently denies any wrongdoing. He said, “Any claim that any monies due clients were mishandled is bogus nonsense.” He tweeted what he says is a testimonial from the paraplegic client he’s accused of stealing millions from ……

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Michael Irvin Says Julio Jones and Antonio Brown Should Team Up to Win Super Bowl

The times they are a-changin’ … which is why a legendary NFL wide receiver thinks Julio Jones and Antonio Brown should team up to win it all. TMZ Sports got Cowboys HOF’er Michael Irvin outside of Catch in Weho Friday night, and he tells us he’d…

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