Tom Brady Makes Massage Parlor Cameo in New Show, Denies Kraft Burn

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Tom Brady makes an eyebrow-raising cameo in Paul Rudd’s new TV show, but he absolutely denies it was a shot at Robert Kraft … and he may have a point. Here’s the deal … the Patriots quarterback makes a brief appearance in Netflix’s new comedy…

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Ricky Williams on Robert Kraft, ‘Sometimes It’s Just Better to Pay For It’

Sounds like Ricky Williams has sympathy for Robert Kraft in the wake of his prostitution scandal — explaining simply, “Sometimes it’s just better to pay for it, you know?” The ex-NFL star weighed in on Kraft’s scandal Tuesday during an appearance…

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Robert Kraft Graphic Details Released In Prostitution Case, Paid for Threesome

11:47 AM PT — According to court documents, Kraft paid for a threesome on Jan. 19 — with two women taking turns “manipulating his genitals.” Once Kraft finished, the women cleaned him up and he gave them each a $ 100 bill. 11:17 AM PT –…

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