Liam Payne Was Dancing to Michael Jackson Before Bar Bouncer Tussle

Liam Payne was one with Michael Jackson before he allegedly got manhandled by a bouncer at a Texas bar … which is a shame, ’cause he was killin’ it on the dance floor. The former One Direction singer proved just how much of a showman he really is…

How to become a Concert Promoter - Step by Step!

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DeSean Jackson Auctioning Nipsey Hussle Cleats After Lighting Up Redskins

DeSean Jackson paid tribute to Nipsey Hussle before he LIT UP the Washington Redskins on Sunday … and now his special cleats could be yours if the price is right. As we previously reported, the Philadelphia Eagles star WR went to custom cleat…

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Samuel L. Jackson Sarcastically Calls Donald Trump Plantation Owner

Samuel L. Jackson says Donald Trump was spot-on when he bragged he’s done more for African Americans than Presidents past … and it’s all thanks to Trump’s massive “plantation.” We got Samuel L. Monday at LAX and asked him about Trump’s shot at…

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