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Sanders finds out Bloomberg dropped out of the 2020 race hours later: 'First I heard about that'

Sanders finds out Bloomberg dropped out of the 2020 race hours later: 'First I heard about that'Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) apparently hasn't been keeping a close eye on the news today.Sanders spoke to reporters in a post-Super Tuesday press conference on Wednesday afternoon, hours after former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he was bowing out of the 2020 race. But when a reporter asked Sanders for his thoughts, they evidently broke the news to him for the very first time. "Has he stepped out?" Sanders asked the reporter. "Well, that's the first I heard about that."Sanders went on to conclude that Bloomberg dropping out and throwing his support behind former Vice President Joe Biden is part of an effort to "stop Bernie Sanders," though he once again reiterated that this is "the first I've heard of what role Mayor Bloomberg will be playing." With this roughly four-hour delay between the Bloomberg news breaking and it making its way to Sanders, get ready for the senator's very delayed thoughts on No Time to Die's release date getting bumped sometime this evening. > Bernie Sanders surprised by news Michael Bloomberg suspending his presidential campaign this morning: "First I've heard about that."> > Asked what Bloomberg brought to the 2020 race, Sanders says, "He's certainly brought a lot of money into this race." https://t.co/Q3fPEwmdNX pic.twitter.com/1J5LCQR8qd> > — ABC News (@ABC) March 4, 2020More stories from theweek.com It's 2020 and women are exhausted Andrew Yang is launching a nonprofit to make universal basic income a reality Could Democrats win the battle against Trump but lose the war against Trumpism?

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