Mark Cuban Considered Running for President But ‘My Family Voted It Down’

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Mark Cuban says he seriously considered running for President this year — but his family ultimately shut it down. The Dallas Mavericks owner has been talking about a possible 2020 presidential run for years — and in 2017 told “OBJECTified” he’d…

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Chris Brown’s Yard Sale, LAPD Wanted It Shut Down

Chris Brown is having a massive yard sale in front of his house, to which he’s invited the public, much to the chagrin of the LAPD … and we’ve learned cops tried shutting it down using a law that doesn’t exist. The singer posted up his personal…

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Universal Studios Food Cart Plunges Down Huge Escalator

Y’know those massive escalators at Universal Studios Hollywood? Well, imagine a food cart careening down them with innocent people in the line of fire — and now watch this video of that happening. Terrifying footage of the plunging cart was posted…

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Penn State Fan Doubles Down On Offensive Letter, ‘Get The Guys Cleaned Up’

A Penn State fan ain’t apologizing for a letter he sent to a football player that many found offensive … in fact, the guy is DOUBLING DOWN on it, saying, “Get the guys cleaned up.” In case you missed it … a man named Dave Petersen wrote a…

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Sean Spicer Breaks Down Crying After ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Premiere

Sean Spicer was reduced to tears after his big debut on “Dancing with the Stars” — but he wasn’t crying out of sadness … the guy was actually overjoyed. We got President Trump’s former Press Secretary Monday night sitting in his car outside of…

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