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Angela Merkel says Germany has 'hard evidence' Russia hacked her emails

Angela Merkel says Germany has 'hard evidence' Russia hacked her emailsAngela Merkel threatened Russia with consequences yesterday on Wednesday as she accused Vladimir Putin’s intelligence services of hacking her emails. “We always reserve the right to take measures, including against Russia,” Mrs Merkel told the German parliament. Germany has “hard evidence” Russian intelligence was behind a 2015 hacking attack in which her emails were compromised, she said. It was the first official confirmation of claims that have been extensively reported by the German press in recent days. “I can honestly say that it pains me,” Mrs Merkel said, voicing her frustration at what she called Russia’s “outrageous” behaviour. “Every day I try to build a better relationship with Russia, and on the other hand there is hard evidence that Russian forces are doing this.” The allegations centre on a 2015 hacking attack on the German parliament’s internal computer system in which several MPs’ email accounts were compromised. It emerged last week in a report in Spiegel magazine that one of Mrs Merkel’s email accounts was among those affected.

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